Guided by your ancestors and angels...

Welcome more blessings into your life...


Psychic Reading

Neelam starts by asking your ancestors for their blessings and then moves onto the areas you need direction. What unfolds is magical. She is a psychic medium with a genuine intention to manifest luck, love and healing into your life. She unblocks any limitations and helps you to move forward in strength.

Astrological/ Numerological Reading

The psychic side always prevails but this reading allows Neelam to look at your birthchart in detail and also the numbers that bring more abundance and happiness into your life. This reading will give you insight into the times ahead and also the opportunities that will come into your life so you can make the most of the Universe and it's flow to benefit you.


Relationship Reading

This is a favourite for those who want to focus on love or love manifestation. Neelam can give you dates, times and names that will help you to see more. She has also attended training with Relate - the Nationwide relationship organisation to help you with your relationships and in your relationships. Neelam is an expert in helping you to take control of your life and take it to the next level.

Personal Astro - Psychic Video - lovely birthday gift

Neelam looks into your birthchart and forecasts what's ahead. She tells you all about it in a personalised video. She adds a special psychic tarot reading too. A lovely gift for birthdays and a special memory capsule of time spent with Mystic Neelam.