Who is Harry Kane? (Originally written in July 2018)

An insight into England’s Football Captain

Harry is a true star. When I say true - I mean genuine. Looking at his chart he has slowly worked his way through the ranks to reach his position. He hasn’t been given this role by coincidence or through who he knows.

Harry’s role in this life is to be a role model for the many children that strive for success through their hard work. I can see that at times, as a child, life was not easy for Harry. He became his own leader from a young age and recognised his passion quite early on. For him there was no other option but football and yet all is not what it seems. If you look deep into his psyche you see a highly, intelligent strategic leader.

His value system is so grounded he would give a priest a run for his money and his family values will make him the better individual to David Beckham. There are no flies on Harry. He is more like the Prince William of football.

Harry is a very private man and his relationship with his partner is rock solid. I see more children to come. I do believe that Harry will do a lot of charity work for poor countries, encouraging and investing in coaching the sport abroad.

His strengths lie in his great respect for others. He can win the hearts of his players and he will continue to do so.

I see far more travel in the coming years and his work taking him abroad to other teams where his inspiration will be much needed.

His career is just beginning. Harry is magical. He has been able to harness all his hardships and turn them into powerful use to transform the lives of those around him. Much of his work is silent and invisible. Harry will always be loved and highly regarded.

So what of the World Cup and England this week. Who will win? The power of the Gods are behind Harry, that’s for sure but no matter what happens Harry’s career is set to score the highest of accolades and he will most definitely be the King of the Pitch irrespective of results.

This article is dedicated to my father Harry who was a Captain of his own village.

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