Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Super Blood Moon) in Sagittarius 26 May 2021, 12:14pm UK time

All artwork copyright by Josephine Wall

Below is the planetary chart for the total full Moon lunar eclipse today. There are four eclipses this year two of which are total. When eclipses are total, they are more powerful and their energy is amplified. A total full Moon lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. The Sun’s rays get channelled to Earth and the Moon rays are fully in the Earth's shadow. This is why it is a total full moon lunar eclipse. We on Earth receive the energy from the Moon and Sun in its fullest sense today.

What makes today’s full moon significant is the collection of planets and the North Node in Gemini opposite the full Moon in Sagittarius. A collection of planets in one area of our Solar system magnifies energy.

Let’s look at this simply. Imagine the planets are people.

The full Moon is an intuitive, instinctual, all seeing, all feeling, grandmother who stands powerfully in the home of the sign, Sagittarius. This is the sign that rules justice, honour, truth, self-righteousness and also our primal animal instincts.

These instincts are represented by the horse and embody freedom in all its aspects as well as the carefree side of us. This grandmother is in the shadow side of our Earth today. Meaning we can’t see her, but we feel the power of her truth. Sagittarius can free us simply through setting goals and following through the aims of our higher selves. This may indeed lead us to separating ourselves from others. If you're not in the mood to be with anyone today you will know why!

All artwork copyright by Josephine Wall

In the opposite house of Gemini, there are four people – a man, who is the best communicator in the Universe (Mercury or the God Hermes), another man, a grandfather who knows everything about everything and is the most powerful energy in our entire solar system, (the Sun, the God Titan or Helios), and the most beautiful woman ever to be seen, the persona of love, (Venus, or Aphrodite).

The fourth presence in the house of Gemini is the North Node. You can’t see this person. The North Node is invisible and is the energy of a spirit that has existed beyond all time. It knows all about each atom’s past, present and future. It directs the energy of all entities and all the planets and if we lose our position in the Universe it recalibrates us. This is so that we can all work together with the Universe as it continues its cycle and maintains equilibrium. It is the good - positive aspect in all of us.

The house of Gemini governs all that creates balance and completion within us. It represents, two aspects of all energy within our Universe. The masculine and feminine and all that is perfect in between and within those two realms.

During this total lunar eclipse and the years to come will arise a greater understanding of LGBT. We will also see the rise of minorities who are given greater voice so that the Universe can continue its complete balance.

All artwork copyright by Josephine Wall

The Gemini sign is depicted as twins because there are two aspects within each of us and also within each part of us. The combination of the two is said to be the manifestation of love, the ultimate completion. This is likened to the Lovers Card number 6 Major Arcana in the Tarot. At this time some of us may feel we want to express love or we may fall deeply in love. It is a time when we recognise the beautiful aspects of ourselves in others.

This all sounds extremely complicated but it really isn’t. It means that we may feel a sense of completion today. The house of Gemini will create this feeling. We may feel the urge to voice it, express it and also think it. If someone declares how much they love you in the next few months don’t be surprised! On the other hand, if we sense there is no balance or unfairness in our world, we may feel urged to make it right by changing ourselves or wanting to make changes in our world.

All artwork copyright by Josephine Wall

Venus the goddess of love, and Mercury the god of communication will create these energies of expression within us. People who tend to be quiet may speak up and those who don’t usually expose certain aspects of themselves may come into the limelight.

The eternal spirit of the North Node will ensure that we are where we are meant to be. If we are on the right path we will feel at peace and if we are not, we will know and want to do something about it.

When the energy of the North Node comes into our awareness, we recognise the inner compass within and direct ourselves onto the path of our true authentic selves. We tend to get lightbulb moments otherwise known as epiphanies. Don’t be surprised if this happens especially over the next six months when the effect of this total full moon lunar eclipse is most powerful.

Some of us may have experienced a sense of transformation in the months leading up to today. We may have felt an urge to leave our jobs, walk away from someone, make a significant change, move home or to completely let go of the past. This is the effect of this total full moon lunar eclipse.

In some ways this is a great moment to recalibrate our thoughts, our feelings, and our goals. Some of us may feel exhausted and tired and may just want to rest. This is completely normal because powerful energies are being magnified today.

Some of you may want to start anew or change complete direction in order to feel complete and aligned with your authentic self. That’s okay but remember it doesn’t have to happen overnight. It can happen slowly but surely, as long as you’re heading in the right direction.

But what about grandmother and grandfather, our Sun and Moon. What are they actually doing? Well, they are orchestrating their energy to ensure all is set for the next six months of the year. They bring all aspects of being into balance.

You may feel that you are tired because the energy of the Sun is forcing you to rest. If you feel that way chances are that the Sun is sending you its healing vibes; it will give a comforting feeling to make sure you have plenty of energy for the rest of the year. The Moon on the other hand will heighten your feelings and intuition. It is the perfect time to listen to your heart. You may even get more insightful and see aspects of yourself that you don’t often see. These are the blind spots of your personality. Others may even make comments about you. Don’t take anything personally at this time. Just listen and allow yourself to understand.

You may even feel something is not right and go about trying to correct it. Take your time. An eclipse is not a time of action. It is a time to recognise and contemplate. The positive aspects between Saturn, Chiron and the North Node tell us to stay the course by being patient and gentle with ourselves. This is a time of great transformation so give yourself time to adapt to that awareness and also time to get used to your authentic self. As our grandmothers usually say, ‘there, there it will all turn out right in the end’. Have no fear.

This is not a full moon to be feared. It is a full moon that realigns us, gives us voice and feelings to our thoughts and comforts us on the way back to where we truly belong. Any injustices, or wrong doings can be addressed at this time. The positive aspects between the Moon, the North Node and Chiron will make sure we heal from any suffering. The Moon in Sagittarius will expose injustice and will also set us free from any suffering or bondage that has held us back.

This is a time of great success for those who have endured life’s twists and turns whilst leading an honest, balanced life. The two stars near the Sun and Moon today, Aldebaran and Antares respectively, will continue to ensure it.

Full moon blessings to all.

Many thanks to Josephine Wall for allowing me to use her artwork. All articles and artwork are subject to copyright law.

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