The Queen's Christmas Speech - tribute to HRH Prince Phillip

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Prince Philip was born in Corfu on 28th May 1921 at 10am – according to the old Julian calendar adopted by Greece during those times.

Recent discoveries of his birth certificate point out that his true date of birth according to the Gregorian calendar we now use today, is actually 10th June 1921.

Before the official announcement of his engagement to Elizabeth, daughter of the British King George VI in July 1947, he abandoned his Greek and Danish titles and styles, became a naturalised British subject, and adopted his maternal grandparents' surname Mountbatten.

He married Elizabeth, our Queen on 20 November 1947. Just before the wedding, he was granted the titles, His Royal Highness, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, and Baron Greenwich by the King.

Philip left active military service when Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in 1952, having reached the rank of commander, and was made a British Prince in 1957.

Their marriage represented one of the last iterations of Queen Victoria’s dream. It reunited two of her descendants: Elizabeth through her father’s line, and Philip through the line of his mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, a great-grand-daughter of Queen Victoria.

However, at the heart of this is much more than Queen Victoria’s dream. At the heart of Prince Philip’s life is a true love story. Philip gave up his titles for the love of his life, our Queen from the offset.

Queen Victoria’s legacy

They say that love is written in the stars and by taking a look at the charts of our Queen and her husband there is clear confirmation of this.

Below are the two charts of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. The Queen’s birth chart is in the inner circle and the Prince’s birth chart, is on the outer circle. This tells us exactly what kind of impact Prince Philip had on our Queen.

With the Prince’s north node in Libra set in the 8th house of Queen Elizabeth it is clear that the dream of Queen Victoria came to fruition. This is how. The North node in the 8th house can show the gifts received from ancestral influence. With the North node being in the sign of Libra, it can bring harmony between the two sides of ancestors – the maternal and paternal. As Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of love it tells us the ancestral gifts will be received through love.

It is often the case that the dreams of our ancestors, their hard work and prayers present themselves in the birth chart of a family member of a future generation. One could conclude then a key part of our Queen’s inheritance and Queen Victoria’s legacy to our Queen was Prince Philips love.

Prince Philip, the Queen’s true first love

If you look into the Queen’s 7th house, which is the house that governs relationships you can see the mirroring of planets. Destined true love shows up in the 7th house. Here, both Prince Philip and the Queen’s Moons and Neptunes, are in the constellation of Leo. This kind of mirroring in astrological terms is a sign from the stars that they were twin flames. The sign of Leo represents inner strength and also endurance. With planet placings here we can be sure that their love was enduring and everlasting.

Where a moon is placed tells us about how emotion is felt and expressed. Their collective moon placings mirrored a genuine deep-felt love. The synchronicity of planets between both the Prince and the Queen signifies they felt similarly towards each other. With Neptune’s presence in the 7th house, the planet of romance, there was definitely romance at the heart of their relationship.

A loving and supportive husband

Prince Philip’s Venus in the Queen’s 3rd house was conjunct, to the Queen’s Sun in her 2nd house; from this we can say he genuinely adored her and was a loving companion. The third house is the house of companionship. Venus represents love and adoration. And the Sun’s presence will always give vitality to that love. The Queen loved him dearly.

Prince Philip’s Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo are placed in the Queen’s 7th house. The 7th house shows how we relate to others. The constellation of Virgo is responsible and reliable. The planet placings here give the bearer wisdom and an alertness about the intentions of others. Saturn is a protective planet and Jupiter brings wisdom. From this you could conclude that the Prince provided wise counsel to the Queen, thereby being a supportive and trusted husband.

All in all, our Prince Philip was perfect for our Queen.

Grandfather to our Prince William and Harry and a legacy for the younger generations

Prince William made a statement recently about his grandpa’s,’ infectious sense of adventure as well as his mischievous sense of humour’.

This is of no surprise. Born under the sign of Gemini and with the planets Sun and Mars placed here, he had the gift to inspire and change the mood of others within seconds.

His Mercury in Cancer made beautiful, lovely trines with Uranus in Pisces. Both the water signs of Cancer and Pisces made him warm-hearted and protective of his loved ones. Mercury is the planet of communication and Uranus brings the extraordinary into our lives. And with the planets Mercury and Uranus joining together one could say that his timing of expression was precise, fast, sudden, and timely. Some of this energy was clearly reflected in his sense of humour and his sense of adventure.

What may have made him extraordinary in the eyes of his grandson William, was his great passion for the younger generations and also his conservational endeavours.

His love for the younger generations translated into an award that will outlive him – The Duke of Edinburgh award. This award is achievable for every young person in our country and places worldwide. Success is there for the taking no matter your background or your ability. Prince Philip made this possible. He knew that if children were inspired to achieve an award in their youth, they would then believe that greater success could be attainable in the future. This was a wonderful legacy to leave behind for future generations.


Prince Philip really cared about the environment and also animals. With Chiron in Aries which brings healing in the lives of others through action, making positive links with Neptune in Leo, the placing that can make dreams come true for the world, he took ownership and responsibility over causes dear to his heart. He wanted to save and protect animals and also wanted to do the same for our environment. He took the trouble to learn about issues affecting our planet and worked with conservationists over decades to bring about positive change. From 1981 to 1996 he was the President of the conservation charity, the World Wildlife Fund. He played a key role in ensuring Pandas came off the endangered species list.

Prince Philip was an extraordinary, remarkable man who gave up everything for love and our Queen. May he rest in peace.

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