The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announce the birth of Lilibet Diana Mountbatten - Windsor

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announce the birth of their daughter Lilibet (Lili) DianaMountbatten-Windsor born on 4th June 2021 at 11.40am, Santa Barbara, California

Lilibet was born at 11.40am on Friday at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in California, weighing 7lbs 11oz.

She has been named after her great grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and also after her grandmother the late, Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.

Our lives are written in the stars and the planetary positions at the time she was born give us a glimpse into who Lili is and how she will bring colour into the world.

Set out below is Lili’s birth chart which shows the planetary placements at the time she was born:

If you look at Lili’s chart you will see that most of her planets are in the top part of her chart. The upper chart is all to do with our outer world and how we connect with people. It also gives us a picture of our public persona. As you can see the emphasis of the planets in this part of her chart means that her public persona, her career, her ambitions as well as her relationship with others will be of prime importance to Lili as she grows older.

An aspiring positive communicator

Lili has been born with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Aries. Both these planetary placings create the energy of movement and high aspirations. Aries is the constellation of action and Gemini is the constellation of adaptability and flexibility. These attributes tell us the Lili is going to be a dynamic go getter.

What makes her planetary positions more special is that she has the planet Mercury and the North Node in close proximity to the Sun. The Sun brings vitality into our lives. Mercury is the planet of communication and the North Node tells us about our life’s mission.

With the energy of the Sun so close to Mercury, Lili will take a positive approach in all her communications. Furthermore, Sun in Gemini people communicate with finesse. This will help her to achieve her life’s mission. The Sun and Mercury in her chart facilitate the energy of the North Node, suggesting Lilibet will realise her ambitions, her dreams, and her true potential.

Compassionate and insightful like her grandmother, the late Lady Diana

The Moon and Chiron are in her 8th house, of inheritance and ancestral influence. Chiron is the planet of healing and the Moon governs emotions. Lilibet has inherited the compassion and warmth of her late grandmother, Lady Diana. She could well become as an ambassador for causes dear to her heart.

She has the combination of the Moon and Chiron in the house of Pisces; this signifies what it means to truly be the Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups is usually either a Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancerian woman within the tarot. It is symbolic of all that her grandmother Lady Diana embodied – emotional understanding, empathy, compassion, and gentleness.

The 8th house also governs the afterlife and intuition. There is a strong possibility that Lili will be spiritual and insightful. Her chart shows a strong sense of going beyond the norm to help others heal. Lilibet has a potential for humanitarianism. This is due to her placings being in the forthright sign of Aries.

The planet Venus governs how we demonstrate our feelings. With Venus in Cancer in her 11th house of public influence, Lilibet will have the right balance of warmth and grace to connect with the hearts of the public. They will adore her. Again, this is a trait inherited from her Cancerian grandmother, the late Lady Diana.

Strong leadership qualities and a love of animals like the Queen

Lili’s ascendant sign of Leo tells us she shares the Leo traits of her great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II whose Moon is in Leo. Leos are graceful and naturally take the lead. They are courageous and usually have a love for animals.

Close bond with her cousin, Princess Charlotte

Lilibet’s strong placings in Gemini and Aries means she is likely to be sporty and have a sense of fun. A similarity she holds with her cousin Princess Charlotte.

Princess Charlotte has several placings in Gemini. With Lilibet’s Sun in Gemini making links with Princess Charlotte’s planets in Gemini, these two cousins will share a special bond.

Although born under different star signs, similarities in their planetary placings suggest the young cousins will be drawn to one another and in time become confidantes.

With Chiron, the planet of healing, in Pisces (the sign that shows great empathy and compassion), in her 10th house, of career ambitions, Charlotte is also likely to be an ambassador for humanitarian causes like her grandmother, the late Lady Diana.

As well as being cousins and best friends, it is highly likely Lilibet and Charlotte will be linked by their passion for philanthropic causes.

A role model for future generations

Lili’s North Node is in her 10th house. This tells us she has a special life mission.

Her expression of ambition will be clear for all to see in a few years. With Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aries, Lilibet won’t be shy in expressing her thoughts or in creating a powerful public persona from a noticeably young age. She will join the reputation of the Malala’s and Greta Thunberg’s of this world. It is likely that Lili will have connection with the female rights movement and also possibly United Nation endeavours.

Harry will be a strong supportive influence.

Lilibet has Pluto in Capricorn in her 5th house, of paternal influence. This makes beautiful links with the area of her chart which governs her career. The Capricorn constellation assures steadiness. Pluto is a strengthening planet. This means that Harry her father will be a powerful, supportive, grounding influence. He will temper her keenness to act and help Lili find a steady balance in her life and also her ambitions.

Meghan and Lili

Both Lili and her mum share Leo traits. This means that both mother and daughter will understand each other well.

Archie and Lili

Archie will love his sister dearly. The close links between his Venus and Lili's Moon suggest this. Venus and Moon create a sense of harmony. With both these planets in Aries, it suggests that Archie and Lili will be competitive when it comes to sports. However, there will be a strong sense of camaradarie between them.

A creative career with undertones of humanitarianism

Lilibet has the potential for a successful creative career. Pisces is the most creative constellation in the Zodiac and Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and fame. Venus is related to beauty and art, and Cancer is linked to sensitivity, empathy, and depth.

With Jupiter in Pisces making beautiful links with Venus in Cancer in her 11th house, it is clear that Lili will be well known for her creative pursuits. She may follow her mother’s footsteps into acting but there is also a potential here for a modelling career.

She will be adored by the public and have an affinity with fashion. Lili will be a trendsetter. This is also something she will have in common with her cousin Charlotte whose 10th house is governed by Pisces.

The future for Lilibet Diana

Lilibet Diana is someone to watch as she grows older, as is her cousin Princess Charlotte. Their lives will be fascinating and interesting to follow. With their special bond being realised through time, these two cousins will be adored and loved by the public. They will be trendsetters for the younger generation and will make great contributions to society in their own special way.

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