September the month of the blue Sapphire

The September birthstone has been long associated with warding off evil. Traditionally it was a favourite stone of kings and priests; it was said to bring wisdom and represent purity.

The blue sapphire is seeped in history. In Greek mythology it was associated with the God Apollo – the god of healing. It was worn by Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi who was said to channel messages from the God of Apollo himself. Since then the blue sapphire has been associated with psychic vision and seen as a link to the Divine world.

In Hindu mythology the roots of a wish fulfilling divine tree were made of blue sapphires. This might imply that the luck it brings creates a space for manifesting dreams.

Ancient Persians believed that the sky’s colour blue was made from chips of sapphire that were a pedestal upon which the Earth was placed. The reflection of blue up above was clear for everyone to see. In those days, the sky was considered to be heaven. This precious gemstone was therefore seen as the bringer of Divine clarity.

The sapphire has been mentioned in the Bible too. It is said that the Ten Commandments were given to Moses on a slab of sapphire. The true-blue stone can be linked with divine truth and justice as well as being healing.

Some sapphires change colour. Folklore has said these changes can be linked with a wearer’s deception or betrayal. The sapphire today is seen as a stone that reflects truth, innocence, and purity.

Sapphire blue has long been associated with the month of September and the astrological sign of Virgo and some Librans too. However, an old traditional rhyme says that if a Taurus person wears a blue sapphire they will be protected from disease:





Why is sapphire the stone for September?

There is no clear evidence for an explanation. In Greek mythology the goddess Astrae is linked to the constellation of Virgo in the sky. As the virgin goddess of purity, precision, justice, and innocence it only makes sense that the mystical true sapphire stone is linked to this goddess and therefore to the time of September. The Sun travels through the constellation of Virgo till the third week of September. After this the Sun transits through the constellation of Libra; this sign symbolises the scales of justice and balance - the blue sapphire clearly has an association with truth and justice.

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