The winged horse Pegasus brings gifts in August 2020

The legend of Pegasus

I’m going to take you back to the time of Greek mythology where the constellation of Pegasus was once a magical, winged, gifted white horse on our planet earth.

Pegasus was born from Medusa a snake headed, cursed woman who died at the hands of a legendary hero, Perseus. Perseus chopped off Medusa’s head and as the drops of her blood landed on the ground a beautiful flying, winged white horse was created - Pegasus. His father was Poseidon, God of the sea and water. In astrology today the energies of Poseidon are linked to the Planet Neptune. Legend says that Poseidon and a beautiful woman Medusa formed a union in the temple of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War. She wasn’t too happy about this and turned Medusa into a snake headed monster, Pegasus’s mum.

Pegasus flew the earth free without any restraint; where he landed transformed into springs of water; whoever drank from these magical springs, prayed by them, or bathed in them were blessed with creativity. The innate gift of creativity and also the water springs of Pegasus were inherited from his father Poseidon, who is otherwise known as Lord Neptune. Today the planet Neptune is linked with water, the power of the sea and also creativity.

This magical, white, winged horse, Pegasus was captured by Bellerophon a man who was on a mission to destroy Chimera a four- legged monster. When he achieved this mission Bellerophon’s arrogance upset Zeus, otherwise known in Greek mythology as the God of the Universe. Zeus took Pegasus away. In astrology today the energies of Zeus are linked to the planet Jupiter. The planet Jupiter is known as the father of all the planets. Jupiter’s energy is said to bring abundance and bless benevolent leaders, masters, and teachers; they in turn bestow many gifts upon those who learn from them. The Leo month of August is seen as the month of leadership. Lions associated with Leo, have long been considered rulers of the animal kingdom too.

Legend says that Zeus took Pegasus and kept him as his steed to release thunderbolts. At the end of Pegasus’s days Zeus was so pleased with his work, he made him an immortal constellation in the sky which exists today. Pegasus is the seventh largest constellation in the skies – it is located in the fourth quadrant of the northern hemisphere high above the constellation of Pisces and also Aquarius (see image below).

How does the legend of Pegasus relate to creativity in August 2020?

Pegasus was a magical creature and unlike other horses - he could fly. He was gifted and unique. His dad was Lord Neptune, God of the sea and he was bestowed with gifts of creativity which remain in the springs of water that exist on Earth. His keeper was Lord Jupiter, the King of the Gods who used him to release thunder in the skies and bring rain and storms. If the planet Jupiter is about learning, Pegasus must have learnt so much under Zeus’s care. For example, how to create a storm and how to bless beings with creativity!

The constellations in our skies – are groups of stars which are immortal. That is a fact – they outlive us and have existed before human’s set foot on Earth. Deep within Greek mythology is a hidden language that explains how the stars and the Universe influence us today. It is mystical.

The exciting news is, in the month of August, Neptune makes beautiful links with Jupiter – the God of the Sea joins hands with the God of the Universe to bring us an abundance of creativity. It is of no surprise that this is happening right now in the Leo month of August!

The Divine God of the Universe is bringing the world into a period of immense creative growth, using the energies of the planet Neptune and planet Jupiter to make it happen. The energy of Pegasus is central to this – he will show us all how to fly high in our lives through our uniqueness.

At present, Neptune is in the constellation of Pisces not far from the constellation of Pegasus. This energy is particularly powerful in our Universe during these times; it denotes to great progression arising from creativity. I sense the beautiful gentle energy of Pegasus; the white winged horse will fly us to levels we could never have imagined for this generation. The resounding message from Pegasus is – harness your creativity, share it with the world and teach those who will benefit. Abundance will be gifted to you magically, as if Pegasus flew down and blessed you himself.

If you would like to know more and find out how the constellations can benefit your life and how you can harness the energy of the planets to bring more blessings into your life, then get in touch with Mystic Neelam for a reading. Love and blessings to you all.

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