October 2020 what the stars have in store for you:

With Saturn in forward motion, followed by Pluto moving forward and a Full Moon in Aries in the same week at the beginning of October, it is set to be a changeable month. Some of us will feel pulled to take action on our long-term goals; this may mean considering a change of job or even residence.

Mercury goes into retrograde motion on the 14th October. It is a time to pay attention to detail especially when entering legally binding contracts. As the month goes on and we reach the New Moon in Libra on the 16th October – there is a sense of renewed hope in relationships and of peaceful times ahead with our loved ones. Luck is afoot in the final week, on 22nd and 23rd October when Jupiter makes beautiful links with Venus and the Moon. Overall an interesting and eventful month!


You will see the results of all your hard work this month. Be careful not to burn the candle at both ends dear Aries as several links between the moon and Chiron in your sign encourage you to rest and heal before the real busy time ahead.

Sudden unexpected, good news of a pregnancy is on the cards and you will be over the moon!


On Monday 5th October, your moon in Taurus makes wonderful links with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. With all these three planets moving forward, it will show you how your hard work and perseverance are paying off and bringing more joy into your life.

You will get some lovely items for the home this month and they will serve their purpose well. Altogether a very productive month is forecast. Work hard and play hard and rewards will come!


Gemini you will have a lot of energy this month and may also be learning something new. Family around you will reach out to you for support. You may even meet an old friend and have some much needed fun.

The middle of the month is full of romantic surprises. Although you may feel emotional about the changes to come, ride with it because you will benefit from them more than you know!


Dear Cancer, I think Christmas is coming early this year. You have had a few worries on your mind, but they will soon be replaced with peaceful moments. Those around you might feel out of balance. Give them a wide berth as they are facing big challenges. With Saturn and Pluto moving forward in the first week of the month, goals that felt unsurmountable will be easy to accomplish. Hold tight because some kind of recognition is coming to you!


This is a good time to look back at the past and make peace with it. An old flame may reappear in your life just when you thought you had got over them. Stay strong because the closure you so want is yours for the taking. Patience and timing will be particularly important in work this month so don’t lose sight of your goals. There will be more time for love at the end of the month. Passion is coming!


Try and get everything that’s important done before the 14th October because this is when your ruler Mercury starts its retrograde motion. You will feel more positive about meeting your goals; with the collaboration of others by your side you will meet them.

Rope in the younger members of the family to help you in what you do daily. Not only will this make them more independent, but it will also free you up around Christmas when work gets busy. You are so loved by those around you – don’t forget to spend a little time with them. It will re-energise you and make you feel happy!


Happy birthday Libra! With the new moon set to be in your sign on 16th October it is a time for new beginnings. Your love life will take a positive turn and all your relationships will benefit. You have been going through massive transformation in the past few months and will dazzle everyone with your light, fun energy!

A younger member of the family might be facing huge struggles. Try and help when and if you can. Have faith that this time will pass and that they will be fine sooner than you think. A lovely month ahead awaits!


Scorpios are well known for their secrets and this month a love from the past will be playing on your mind. Remember that we have the habit of looking through rose spectacles when we part with loved ones. You did your best and couldn’t have done more. A reconciliation may happen if that’s what you both want. You are both older and more mature about life. The sparkle and magic are still there.

There will be fireworks in love from the 17th October right through till the end of the month. You may find that you feel at home in your work and are being recognised for your efforts. This allows you to bring more passion and vitality into your job. Dear Scorpio, you are headed for great things. Don’t give up!


I feel excited for you this month Sagittarius. It feels like something you’ve waited for is happening. With Venus making lovely links with Jupiter and the Moon in Sagittarius making links with Chiron you are going to be celebrating something special the week commencing 19th October. It’s okay to be emotional you have worked extremely hard to get where you are, and you will feel like a winner. It is all well deserved.

This month is full of unexpected surprises even disappointments will bring positive results. This is the month you realise your potential!


This is one of the luckiest months of the year for you dear Capricorn. On the 23rd October your moon in Capricorn links with Jupiter and Jupiter makes lovely links with Venus in Leo. You will feel like celebrating. The results you have achieved are long lasting and I see that many of you will be able to plan a long-awaited trip.

Don’t forget to include your loved ones in your plans. Those around you will feel like you are on cloud 9 and can’t bring you down to earth but that’s ok. Just enjoy the special times; memories and events like this don’t happen every day!


Pay attention to detail in the first few weeks of October. Once the 22nd October arrives it will be easier. You are very results driven this month and are focussed on achieving.

Towards the end of the month you will receive some very lucrative propositions. Positive contracts and signing on the dotted line are forecast. They will strengthen your position and also that of your loved ones. Although you might be remarkably busy don’t forget to spend some time with your near and dear. It will be welcomed!


This month you may face a few emotional ups and downs. Ensure you get rest and that others don’t take advantage of your good nature. There is definitely love in the air if you want it. There can be misunderstandings in communication around the 14th October, but this month is going to end in a big positive bang. This month will be magical if you relax and take each day as it comes. Ride the waves, be clear about your feelings and you will end this month in a positive loving way!

A new work venture is in the offing. Look out for opportunities – one might just land in your lap!

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