Why the New Moon on 11 February 2021 is so special?

The New Moon at 19.06 (UK time) in Aquarius 23’16 is set to happen on Thursday 11th February 2021.


This is a magical day. Thursday is known as the day of the God Thor. Thor, in Norse mythology was the god of thunder, the protector of mankind, the god of strength and also of fertility. When we experience thunder in our atmosphere a huge downpour of rain always follows. It’s a bit like all this pent-up energy coming from the skies and being released upon us. The New Moon on a Thursday tells us of a time that will bring an immense downpour of change into our lives. It’s a paradigm shift.

The New Moon has long been associated with new beginnings; consider it therefore as a time when a monumental new change is going to occur in our lives; it will determine our future as a result. It’s not a bad change but a change for the better. One that releases us from the past and sets a new course in our lives. This new beginning has been commanded by our Universe to bring us strength and as a result, abundance.

Date – 11/02/2021

11/02/2021 provides us with a coded message from the Universe. That is 3 -twos and 3 -ones. It’s almost like a binary coding. 111 relates to luck through independence the result being growth. The numbers 02 and 202 relate to the teaching, the development of, and learning more about our intuition.

If you look at the numerology, this is a number 9-day. The number 9 is well known for its mutability and empathy with all. It is the number of the humanitarian. This means to acquire more abundance from our new chapter, new beginning, or endeavour we must harness our humanitarian, social traits and be adaptable to change.

The combination of these numbers today inform us that if we collaborate with those who value us and those who we can learn from, success will ensue. During this time many of us will rise to the next level just because we have the right people around us. Expansion is featured. Today’s date also signifies reaching new levels of independence through remaining balanced in our approach.

When you get the combination of twos and ones in a date it means that we must act by holding the balance of the feminine and the masculine (right side of brain vs left side of brain) within our lives. During this time, the energy of the Moon and the Sun really impact on our lives. For example, if we are being too submissive (moon energy), we will be called to assert ourselves (sun energy). If we are too controlling (sun energy), we will be forced to relinquish some control to others (unconditional love of moon energy) in order to bring the balance back. The message of this New moon is therefore to maintain balance. Keeping our logical and rational side balanced with our intuitive compassionate side will win the day. In doing this we will all have the strength to move forward in these times where change is prevalent. The relational aspect of our lives – how we relate to others will also have a great impact on our success and our abundance.

Days of abundance

Think of the rain pouring down after lightning and thunder. The pouring of rain and also waterfalls have long been associated with abundance and wealth. Rain also brings rainbows! And we all know there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow! Who wants more abundance in their lives? We all do. Today’s new moon tells us if we remain balanced, stay the course, and work hard it ensures a positive result from all new endeavours. The results will be exponential if teaching, or learning new things is involved.

The collective energy of the planets Jupiter (which embraces learning and teaching), Venus (which symbolises nurturing and developing) and Saturn (which demands hard work) will make it happen.

Astrology – major planetary trines with Gemini and North Node

Above is the chart of today’s New Moon. It’s today’s planetary set up. Pay attention to the blue lines. Most of them are manically pointing to an area in the sky – like a downpour of rain onto - the constellation of Gemini. And also, the North Node which is in Gemini.

Gemini tells us about our subconscious selves and also about the conscious side which is apparent to others. With so many planets, namely Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius making positive links with Gemini many of us will feel that we have more clarity about how we can harness our negative, buried experiences to our advantage, and even more so after the 21st February when Mercury moves into direct motion. This New moon will reveal the hidden, dormant aspects of ourselves to others and to ourselves. This is so we can truly understand who we are meant to be. Secrets could possibly be revealed. Some of us may even feel drawn to a new career or hobby that reveals the hidden side. It is a great time for entrepreneurial endeavours. Those that have remained in the background could suddenly be put into the limelight or take centre stage.

The North Node in Gemini helps us to understand a different viewpoint – the viewpoint of others. It brings that which was invisible into the sunlight. It helps us to communicate with others and even to the masses. It helps us to make shifts in our lives that lead to generational improvements. On an individual level the energy of the North Node in Gemini is strongly linked with our soul’s purpose. For some of us this new moon will feel like a homecoming – a feeling that we are finally being brought back to who we are – to our authentic self.

This New Moon don’t be surprised if new revelations come to the fore that allow some of us to progress further than ever before. For some it is the beginning of a new era. Aquarius has long been considered the protector and bearer of news from the Gods. It has a strong benevolent energy and with the force of all these planets in its constellation expect breakthroughs and certainly some good news. The effects will be long lasting and set the course for years to come.

At a societal level it is the coming together of many powerful figures who form an alliance or a treaty which could have a positive impact on all of us. If none of this makes sense – don’t worry just know that some good is going to come of all our efforts and that the Universe is going to show us exactly how. No matter how small our role, todays planets will show us their appreciation. And when we receive our downpour of abundance or a revelation as a gift, we will see how completely and utterly we are loved by our Universe.

Author: Mystic Neelam

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