Magical Lunar Gateways

Did you know there are special places located within our galaxy which are magical gateways? The moon crosses over them every month as it moves through the sky!

What are these gateways?

Three special magical gateways exist for wish manifestation during each month – one of these relates to luck, one to good fortune and one for love.

Mystic Neelam is an astrologer and has calculated when these special times exist. She knows the exact time when the moon passes over these magical gateways. Her techniques are as old as time and lay within the foundations of ancient knowledge that is unknown to others. This knowledge has revealed itself through the Ascendant Masters that guide Neelam.

Make a wish at the time of the gateway opening.

A wish is just a prayer to the Universe which is heard by the God Apollo who takes it on his wings for it to manifest at the right time. When you combine Mystic Neelam’s knowledge of the moon’s movements with your wishes it allows the energy of the God Apollo to allow the manifestation of your wishes to take effect immediately bringing amazing transformations within your life.

When do these gateways occur?

Mystic Neelam has been told that the knowledge of these gateways is only shared with those that value the lives of others. Mystic Neelam can help you to access these gateways – by letting you know the time and date to make your wishes - they fall in line with Divine timing and have the greatest positive impact. This will help you to progress your life. The prayers that she recommends flow with the energy of the Universe and create a magical positive destiny for you, bringing more blessings to you as your life unfolds.

What do I need to do to find out more and bring more blessings into my life?

Get in touch with Mystic Neelam and she will share her knowledge with you so you can move forward and fulfil your wishes….

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