Meghan Markle – what’s really going on?

Today marks the day of Archie’s birthday 6th May 2021. He is two years old. However, we are not really in touch with what is going in Meghan’s life, his mother.

Yes of course there are press articles but I’m not interested in those. I want to know the truth and see what is really going on under the surface. Meghan has been surrounded by many rumours and so much bad publicity.

Let’s take a look at the stars. The inner circle is Meghan’s chart and the outer chart is where the stars are positioned today. So, how are the planets affecting Meghan’s life?

This chart tells me that Meghan’s relationships are under the spotlight.

Saturn and Pluto are transiting through her 7th house which governs relationships. It is of no surprise that most of her recent interview with Oprah focussed on her relationship with the establishment, her interaction with the Royal family and her relationship with her husband, Harry. Back in Spring 2020 both Meghan and Harry lost their royal titles as a compromise to starting their new life in the USA.

How does this align with Saturn and Pluto entering Meghan’s 7th house? Saturn entered this house on the 24th January 2020. The timing of this coincides with the news in the public arena that they would lose their titles. Saturn forces ground-breaking changes so that a person can improve their life by encouraging self-sufficiency and therefore inner strength and resolve. During this transition, Meghan had to make difficult decisions about her life that would have no doubt impacted on the lives of those around her.

Saturn’s demands of self-reliance created a precedence for her to put herself first. She was no longer a single woman, but a new mother and wife. Therefore, the lives of her loved ones and others depended upon her resilience. And she knew her happiness was key.

As a philanthropist and feminist, she knew to help others she would have to place her own interests at the centre of her decision making.

Deciding to move to the USA and leave with her husband and Archie was not an act of selfishness it was an act of inner strength and an awareness of the importance of her life. She knew she could really help others and be a better wife, person, and mother in the USA.

That is not to say the UK is a bad place to live or that her in laws were to blame. It is what it is. She is an American and her life is simply more authentic there rather than here.

Saturn requires a person to be resilient and it is far easier to be resilient in your new role as a wife and mother within a familiar environment. The cultural differences and royal protocol would have outweighed any positive she would have gained. And that’s how she saw it.

Pluto’s presence in the 7th house can force a person to drift away from relationships that have little meaning. The collective energy of Saturn and Pluto basically helps us to get rid of the old and only hold onto what is needed. This can create a state of flux or inner conflict; anyone, irrespective of background would struggle to hold onto relationships in the same way as before. And during these transits people are known to physically move away from any element of their life that doesn’t work. This can literally mean moving to a new country.

Meghan had to sacrifice certain relationships to forge a new way forward. Being a new mother and also a newly married woman would most definitely have influenced her decision. The purpose of these planetary transits will have forced her hand to ensure that she lived a more authentic life.

None of us understand the accusations of racism or the failure of a system that did not address Meghan’s concerns. It confuses most of us. But what I can say is that the energy of the stars can intervene and create a strange situation so that an individual takes swift action and moves forward towards their destiny and what is best for them.

We cannot blame anyone for Meghan’s experience. Her life has been written in the stars; fate intervened as and when was necessary. This does not mean we must belittle her experiences. We are all here to learn, to improve and grow. And so, there is much to learn for all of us from Meghan’s situation and experiences. We must all be brave and stand up for ourselves at certain key times. Being true to yourself is the biggest lesson in life. And Meghan really has passed this lesson with flying colours.

Yes, we all feel a loss and we feel some how cheated by not being privy to the Royal Meghan and Harry, but the move to the USA was ordained by the stars. Many people worldwide will benefit from Meghan and Harry’s philanthropic endeavours. There is no doubt their positive impact as multicultural role models will also transform the lives of many.

The Queen’s statement made it clear that Meghan and Harry are dearly loved by the Royal family and so without question it is a fact that Meghan and Harry are loved.

The future

The future never dictates the present, or the past. And so, as these difficult transits progress forward, Meghan will find a new way of living with her young family. This will be remarkably different to her own upbringing. It will also be quite different to the way she lived in the UK. It will exist within the realm of a wonderful new reality; where Archie is able to embrace all aspects of his heritage and also learn from the inner strength and love of his mother and father’s relationship.

Meghan will discover who her true friends are during this transformational time. And surprising to most, she will definitely develop strong relationships with certain members of the Royal family who will in time become her most trusted confidantes.

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