Jupiter - Saturn Conjunction December 2020 what it means...

According to astronomers this is a once in a lifetime occurrence. Let’s be precise - every 30 years – it takes approximately 30 years for Saturn to arrive back home to it’s ruling sign Aquarius. It takes approximately 12 years for Jupiter to travel to Aquarius. The Jupiter - Saturn Conjunction means that the two planets Jupiter and Saturn get close to each other in our solar system - so much so that they appear as one bright star. This getting together phenomenon has not happened since 1623 – which is just over 400 years ago.

People in the media have been hyping this occurrence and comparing it to when the three kings followed the bright star during biblical times to the infant Jesus. This is of no surprise as it is nearly Christmas, and everyone wants to believe in the magic at this time more than any other.

Let’s not complicate matters and just focus on the fact. At exactly 18:20 UK time on 21 December 2020 - work it out for your own zone - the two planets were both at the same degree positioning in our solar system - 00 degrees 29 in Aquarius. This does not mean they were in the same place but in the same position along their separate course, so it appeared as if they had combined together to form one bright star – likened to the star of Bethlehem.

What does this mean?

If we go right back to ancient times when the Arabic astrologers advised the Kings, they would say that Jupiter and Saturn are in the exact point of the sky that relates to freedom from constraint, deliverance and also healing at a mass level. Looking at what is happening around the world politically this might make sense; in America a new President is about to set the pace. Even in the UK new contracts have been, and are being forged to free us of European constraints. UK is travelling further afield - to the east, it’s commonwealth countries for it’s bread and butter. It’s almost as if we are being guided to search for positive results in pastures anew – given the lack of compromise from European shores.

How will the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction impact on us?

Well it's really quite simple. Jupiter is the planet of generosity, teaching and healing. The energy of the planet Jupiter compares with the psyche of the God Zeus who originates from Greek mythology. He was a healer, benevolent, kind, loved women and giving gifts. So, you would think that Jupiter crossing this point in our solar system would mean - greater liberation for women, healing from suffering and also more abundance amongst us. Jupiter wants to heal the masses, but things have to be done collectively as the energy is one of expansion. Planet Jupiter's energy is wanting to create more abundance, thereby freeing us.

Saturn on the other hand is the great task master. He makes us work for everything. If there is an easy way to do things Saturn will force us to avoid it and slog hard for really long-lasting results. Delayed gratification is the Saturn motto.

You can imagine therefore how these two planets combine and create a powerful force. Jupiter says yes take it all. It's all yours. Saturn’s says of course it is but you're going to have to work hard for it.

As these two planets are now in the constellation of Aquarius it is important to consider the constellation’s overriding influence. Aquarius rules our freedom. It is the humanitarian and also the genius. Its energy saves us from catastrophe. In fact, Greek mythology says Aquarius the water bearer was kept by the Gods to protect them from harm.

In summary, the conjunction brings energies that create once in a lifetime opportunities to teach, to learn, to grow and to expand. If we work damned hard and are focused, we stand to free ourselves from past constraints and also free ourselves from danger that could arise out of our foolhardiness in the past.

The Universe is telling us a story – ‘hey folks what we’ve done in the past is not working. Let's try a new and better way. I'll give you all you need but don't take it for granted because I'm not going to offer it up again to you. You've all learned your lessons and so have the past generations. This is your chance to make it much better than your forefathers. Go for it. But remember I'm watching you. Any step out of line will have repercussions and remember all your efforts no matter how small will be rewarded.’

Why is this conjunction so special?

It is special because Saturn has returned back to it’s home - Aquarius after a long time. It has been training all the signs to develop and grow but now it's back home saying – ‘it's time for expansion. It will require cutbacks. You all know what they are because I've spent the last few decades showing you what works and what doesn’t. Collectively, I will give you the protective power of Aquarius to make it happen. So, whatever it is you're dreaming of will happen, but you've got to follow through. You've got to understand your part in it - be it learning, be it teaching or be it growing out of your comfort zone.’

Jupiter says, ‘don't be afraid I'm here – I’ll give you all you need to go to the next level’. Whatever that might be. Jupiter in Aquarius can create genius solutions, can provide miraculous recovery and healing. Its energy is restrained and more directed but that's not a bad thing. It just means that you will focus more on what works rather than that which doesn't. This is an amazing time. It is the recovery phase of trauma. It is the time when we are being freed and the reigns are just a little bit looser so we can chase our realistic dreams.

I've looked at each sign and explained how we can all benefit from this wonderful energy gifted to us by Jupiter, Saturn and Aquarius. Some call it the beginning of the Aquarius era.

It will be truly remarkable and determine our lives for years to come. The seeds we sow now will come to fruition within the next 3 decades. That seems like a long time, but it gives you an idea on how long lasting the effects of this conjunction actually are. Choose wisely if you are making choices now.

What the conjunction means for each sign?

Aquarius: expect ground-breaking changes in your persona and how others see you. They will look to you for guidance and learning. Anything that involves training, healing, or teaching others will go to the next level. You are at the forefront of innovation.

Pisces: Your abundance is set to rocket. You will find doors that were not normally open to you. magically opening. This really is your time. Don’t waste it.

Aries: Anything that involves having fun and working with the children will come to visit you. Some of you will become grandparents, uncles, or aunts. Working with children is also featured here.

Taurus: Dear Taurus I’ve got to say this but it’s all about what makes you feel at home. Relations with your mother are about to strengthen. Use her as a guide to go to the next level. Your feminine intuition will take you to places you never imagined. Dealings with home and possibly a new home purchase is strongly featured. Going back to your roots will bring great success.

Gemini: It is all about spreading the word, marketing, communication and growing your dreams so many can benefit from all your hard work. You may want to take love further and it could lead to an engagement. Marriage and contracts of any kind can arise out of a close relationship. Those around you will be supportive in all your ambitions.

Cancer: I’ve got to tell you dear Cancer your daily routine is about to change. You are about to expand an idea and develop a new endeavour close to your heart. It will simply be magical. More time to yourself is highlighted.

Leo: Love is key. Relationships formed at this time do have a strong chance of success. Work on your relationships and work partnerships. Growing with them and adapting to them will be very luck for you. A new relationship with a relative could prove lucrative and new contracts at this time promise further abundance.

Virgo: Dear Virgo you stand to inherit much from all your hard work. Keep working hard to ensure you keep things just as they are. You may not see results now, but your efforts will be rewarded in many years to come. An unexpected legacy comes to you at this time.

Libra: Libra what are your goals and dreams? Be clear. The Universe is promising you long term change towards them. Make sure your wishes are in line with your actions and all will fall into place! Investment in learning and training will reap good results.

Scorpio: Dear Scorpio great work success is coming to you. You will find ways of developing new projects that are unique and will bring much reward. The support of others remains with you; do not be afraid to ask for it when you realise you can’t do it all on your own.

Sagittarius: Your popularity is set to soar my dear. Fame or even community awards are achievable during this transit. The loyalty of friends and family will give you great confidence to move forward. You know that from mistakes of the past, your wisdom and experience will carry you through to the next level no matter what you decide to do.

Capricorn: Working with others as part of a team is strongly featured. Even taking a back seat and allowing others to remain in the limelight whilst you work silently on your skills will bring great reward. Remember success is not always apparent in monetary terms. It can come with having more time and freedom to do the things that you really love. Memories of the past may visit you – be wise and move forward so you can forge new ones.

If you would like a more in depth reading on how the conjunction will personally affect your life – don’t hesitate to book a reading with me. I will be more than happy to help – book on line at mysticneelam.com

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