Jupiter enters Pisces - 13th May 2021 23:17 UK time

Updated: May 13, 2021

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Jupiter is about to enter Pisces and this is so exciting at so many levels. As it leaves Aquarius it will leave blessings behind. It will make its move for the first time in 12 years into the sign of Pisces. What does this mean and how do we benefit?


Any planet that enters the constellation of Pisces takes on the persona of this zodiac sign. Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter and Neptune. It is the constellation that brings love, creativity, compassion, and romance into someone’s life.

Pisces is symbolised by two fish. In the older traditional cartomancy, the fish symbolises abundance in all it’s forms. Pisces is represented by the King of Diamonds or the number 34 card in the Lenormand deck.

It can also represent the King of Cups and the Moon in the tarot deck. This sign is associated with our sensitivities, our emotions and also our intuition. It works through the subconscious mind to create positive change.

Greek legend says that Aphrodite and her son Eros transformed into two koi fish to escape a monster. This is why the constellation of Pisces is also known as Venus and Cupid. Today both the planet Venus and the figure Cupid are seen as symbols of love. Venus is the planet that represents love and Cupid magically brings love into the lives of everyone by shooting his arrow. Pisces is therefore associated with love.

Spiritual knowledge is also related to the constellation of Pisces. The first Yogi was said to understand yoga and gain enlightenment whilst living inside a fish. There are also certain yogic poses that pertain to the ‘fish’ which help to develop and progress spiritual ascension.


Jupiter is known as the king of the planets. It has the greatest benevolent influence in a person’s life. It can bring love, abundance, wisdom, insights, and a positive change in fortune. When the Wheel of Fortune or the 10 of Pentacles appear in a tarot reading you can be certain that Jupiter is making its presence known in the most positive way.

Jupiter’s force is strongest when it transits through the constellation of Pisces and Sagittarius.

What does it mean when Jupiter enters Pisces?

The effect of Jupiter in Pisces is heightened because this planet rules Pisces; Jupiter feels at home here and so it's energy is accentuated. In return, Jupiter enhances the positive effects of Pisces. This is extremely beneficial to all of us. It brings more love, more creativity and more spiritual awareness into our lives. It can also bring spiritual gifts and higher learning.

On the shadow side Jupiter can create overindulgence and also make us see life in a romantic way which may not altogether be realistic. Nevertheless, for most of us it brings sweetness and love into our lives.

For the water signs, Scorpio, and Cancer it can bring positive result in endeavours. The constellation of Scorpio and Cancer understand Pisces at a rudimentary level and so the energy of Jupiter in a fellow water sign will feel exciting and be auspicious.

To take advantage of this transit which lasts until 29th July, it’s the perfect time to find love and romance as well as create opportunities to bring more abundance into your life. It might be the perfect time to start a course, to write a book, or to start a new hobby. It is also the perfect time to demonstrate commitment in your relationships.

For most Pisces, this is the perfect time to marry, to get rich and to create a new life. This applies to all of us to a lesser extent.

Jupiter re- enters Pisces on 29 December 2021; enjoy this transit for the time being. Daydream and imagine a new reality. You may even find everlasting love. Whatever happens it will be magical!

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