Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck – why this is the true love of a lifetime.

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Something quite remarkable has happened amongst the stars. Jennifer and Ben Affleck have recently tied the knot across several states and have been seen enjoying their honeymoon in Europe. Their marriage is nothing but short of a spectacle fit for Kings and Queens, not to mention the rich and famous. They have deliberately and openly flaunted their true love in the media eye and who can blame them. It is the true love of a century. Everyone is starting to believe in soulmates again and that true love never dies.

Across all the tabloids and social media, we have a frenzy of reporters and paparazzi trying to catch a glimpse of Jennifer and Ben in love. Their ex-partners, Alex Rodriquez and Jennifer Garner have gone quietly into hiding whilst the spectacle of love is displayed.

For many couples it has reignited a secret longing that the same will happen to them; that they will one day return to their ex or their first love and live happily ever after like Ben and Jennifer.

What happened – the history

Ben and Jennifer originally met on the movie set of ‘Gigli’ back in 2001. They developed a friendship and a respect for each other. At the time things were not going well for Jennifer and she ended her marriage with Chris Judd. The latter split and Ben became Jen’s one true support. Ben and Jennifer fell in love.

Ben proposed to Jennifer in 2003 but they mutually agreed to break their engagement, explaining there was too much media attention on their relationship. Ironically the very same media attention on their recent wedding nuptials on and from the 16th July 2022, has been phenomenal. One can clearly guess that in 2003 as young as they were, it must have all been overwhelming.

Imagine being in Jen’s shoes, first you’re married, then your relationship has ended and then, you’re in the midst of a relationship with who seems to be the love of your life. Your career is on the up after what seems like a lifetime of hard work. You get engaged and the media and paparazzi are on your back. Well, you can’t be anything but overwhelmed. You would be going through the loss of a relationship, the emergence of a new one and experiencing success all at the same time whilst, under the unforgiving media attention of the public eye.

So, reality bites with numerous rumours about your split, your new love, and your career, all untrue I might add, and you’re seriously worried it could backfire on your career and all you’ve worked so hard to create. Common sense then dictates to pause and break off the engagement. Honestly, I would have done the same if I was as sensible and as realistic as Jennifer and Ben.

What makes it different today for Jennifer and Ben

Jennifer and Ben have been around the block a few times. Ironically her famous video ‘Jennifer from the Block’, was released in 2002. Anyway, to get back to the point…

Jennifer and Ben have seen fame, they can handle the media and the course of true love never dies or is easy. For whatever reason I don’t think any of us really cares about how, when and what.

Most of us are drawn into the dizzy heights of their love; we are just in awe of this rekindling of true love, happening at the right time and the right place now. We have great hopes for it; and what’s more important is this. Their love inspires us with the thought that true love and fairy tale endings exist.

Written in the stars

Before you think I’ve gone completely gaga over this couple, the answer is yes, twice over, I am gaga. I love JLo, she is a role model of mine, and I’ve followed her as a fan for many years. I love her music and, her dancing. And obviously, yes, it’s written in the stars. I’m going to show you exactly why.

I have something very special to tell Jen and Ben, although they probably already know it. This is a love of a lifetime. I am convinced it will last to the end of their days. This couple have endured the test of time by doing the right thing by others around them. Their love is based in those old-fashioned morals of respect and truth.

Just imagine walking away from the love of your life to save their reputation and to preserve the truth of your love. Well back in 2003 that’s exactly what they did. You got to love them. Sacrificing your love for truth, that is admirable.

Anyway, let’s look at their charts combined. The astrology of couples has been studied for centuries. It is called synastry. It’s where you look at the charts of two people and analyse how they complement each other. So below is the chart of Jennifer and Ben combined – their synastry. I’m going to talk you through it, so you know how it’s all written in the stars.

The planets in the inner circle are JLo’s planetary positions when she was born, otherwise known as her natal chart. The planets in the outer circle are the positions of Ben’s planets at the time he was born in relation to Jennifer’s natal chart. The numbers 1 to 12 provide an explanation of how the stars have affected them and how the position of the planets will impact on their relationship.

Both Jen and Ben were born under the sign of Leo which gives them leadership abilities. They are like the sign Leo in that they want to reach the very heights of success. Leos are demonstrative and display their feelings and affections. They are known to be stylish and often work in the public eye. Leos are extroverts of the Zodiac and not shy. They are brave and daring. Both Jennifer and Ben are not averse to risk. With the Sun and Mercury in the tenth house which rules career and ambition, it tells us that success is paramount in their lives, and they will stop at nothing to progress their lives. Both their Suns being placed here brings great vitality to what they do, and the planet Mercury and Mars enable that vitality to be projected in the right way. With placings here together they can and have become a great motivation for each other’s success. This would explain why the two of them decided to call it a day back in 2003. They wanted nothing to interfere with their individual success. Quite a sensible decision if you think it through.

Their similarities are apparent when we observe how they are with each other. JLo danced for her husband in front of her entire family and friends. She was not shy to demonstrate her feelings and Ben simply sapped it up. This is typical of the grandeur of affection shown by two Leos in love.

But there is more to this than just star signs. If we want to look deeper, we must look at their feelings. The moon’s position always gives that away. It is easy to find someone who shares the same star sign and fall in love, but it’s not so easy to find someone who shares the moon sign and fall in love. This is where an astrologer like me would be able to help.

Unbelievable as it may seem, these two do! Both their moons are in Scorpio. When lovers share the same moon sign it is likened to them having telepathic feelings and thoughts with each other.

Add a water sign placing to it – and Scorpio is a water sign – and the feelings and emotions run deeper than the ocean. Scorpios are known to love to extremes. They can hide their feelings for decades but at some point, the depth of feeling simply rises to the surface like truth. After all there is no truth greater than love. It tells us that Jen and Ben may have tried to deny their true feelings, but the depth of those feelings have prevailed across time.

Moon in Scorpio makes you astute, secretive, and intuitive. The energy takes calculated risks. And this is apparent in how they have handled their strategically timed wedding. They ensured that both ex partners were protected from media attention, ensured their children felt involved and, conducted their wedding plans in great secrecy. This is so typical of Moon in Scorpio people. They keep their plans and feelings close to their chest and only reveal what they wish to so their families and their loved ones are protected. You can be assured that the plans would have been made in detail, timed perfectly with their career plans and also conducted with respectful thought. In true Leo spirit, plans will have been made to ensure the greatest positive impact.

The first house rules personality and with Ben’s moon placed in Jen’s first house it tells us that Ben is an genuine supportive partner. Moon in Scorpio can provide emotional comfort and stability. So, Jen would feel complete in his presence. There is no better confirmation of true love than one that provides emotional security and warmth.

But there is something far more remarkable and amazing going on here. It is all happening in the 8th house of passion. The secrets out. It tells us the relationship is going to last forever. The 8th house rules, sex and passion and it is governed by the sign of Scorpio. The synchronicity of their Scorpio placings being linked to their 8th house is just simply what true love is made of. Through the eyes of an astrologer no universe could have created a more magical love story in our lifetime. Let me explain…

Looking at Jen’s chart, Ben has the planet Saturn in Gemini, in her 8th house. It is sitting right next to her Venus in Gemini. When Venus and Saturn are seen together in lovers charts it tells of a long-lasting love. I’ll explain why. Venus is the goddess of love and passion. Saturn is the God of tenacity, sensibility, and endurance. If you combine the two energies of these planets, you have an enduring love which will stand the test of time.

This has manifested into the reality of their love lives today. It’s been 21 years since they met and these two are going strong like the characters Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson from Grease. May our screen sweetheart who played Sandy, Olivia Newton John rest in peace. Incidentally wouldn’t that be an amazing remake – Ben and JLo in Grease 3.

That’s by the by – I do believe these two will work on projects together simply because of their identical 10th house placings, identical moon placings and their similar 2nd house placings. They bring luck and good fortune when they make plans and focus on efforts together.

Let’s focus on love. So, when they first met, it was like Saturn had met Venus. With both planets in Gemini, their collective energy would have been flirty, light-hearted, and playful. Let’s take this metaphor further, imagine Ben being Saturn and JLo being Venus. JLo’s Venus is in Gemini; it is flirty, unpredictable but highly charged passion simply because her Venus lives in the 8th house ruled by Scorpio. Saturn in Gemini knows how to handle that kind of energy, he’s also in the 8th house and intuitively understands Venus in Gemini completely. He grounds her passion and her energy, stating quite clearly, he’s here to stay. Saturn offers commitment. Ben offered this 21 years ago in Scorpio season (surprised - I’m not), November 2003.

He confirmed it again simply when the time was right again on 8th April 2022, the day he proposed. That date is significant here. The number 8 reflects Saturn’s energy and is also a day which is governed by Leo. Ben chose the perfect date to mark their love. April is the fourth month of the year. Its energy is ruled by the planets Uranus and Mars, the former is the planet of sudden surprises, and the latter is governed by Scorpio and passion. You could not have got a more in synch with this couple, date to propose.

And so, this is how the fairy-tale story star version might have gone. Initially, in 2003, Venus panicked; she could not decide whether she truly wanted to be with Saturn. To be fair it was a confusing time. Saturn then waited patiently knowing that with his moon in Scorpio no one would love Venus in Gemini better. He knew what he felt but wasn’t sure if she would return to him. So, he acted sensibly and let her go.

21 years later the love story re-emerged to fulfil its true potential. But this time Venus in Gemini said yes. She knew then there was no one in the Universe who could make her feel complete and more loved than Saturn.

And so, the love story of Ben and Jen is written in the stars.

I do believe that the planets teach us. In Jen and Ben’s love story, Saturn and Venus have just taught us that true love is attainable through the combination of endurance, loyalty, patience, honesty, passion, and mutual emotional warmth.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Ben Affleck!

Article copyright by Neelam

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