Happy 6th Birthday Princess Charlotte!

Princess Charlotte was born on the 2nd May 2015 at 8:34am at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington.

It is such a joy to look at her birth chart and see how the planets are positively influencing her life. Our lives are written in the stars and judging where the planets are placed today, Princess Charlotte is set to experience a wonderful year ahead.

For those who don’t understand the planets, the inner circle depicts where the planets were when Charlotte was born, the outer circle shows the planets today placed in relation to Charlotte’s planetary birth placings.

Charlotte’s happy world

You can see immediately that most of the planets are in the top part of the chart; this relates to Charlotte’s outer world. The planet placings show that Charlotte’s understanding of her world is developing. With Jupiter moving through her 9th house, she will be focussed on developing her ideals and also how her perception of the world.

Is the world good or bad in her eyes? Well benevolent Jupiter tells us she will see it as a good world where she is happy and content. Jupiter is the father of the Gods and brings great happiness and generosity into our lives. This will make her believe that sharing, kindness, and generosity is always rewarded in a positive way.

We mustn’t forget that Charlotte is only six years old. She will be developing her creativity through play and also be developing her friendship circle. She is not quite able to grasp theoretical concepts but will know that something in her world cannot be changed, namely, her fame. She knows mummy and daddy are popular and that everybody loves them. Her concept of her parents being future monarchs is not yet developed but this year will bring the onset of that awareness.

The 11th house relates to her social world and with the Sun, Venus and Uranus transiting this house she will recognise that others love her and that they love her in a unique way, simply because she is the cherished Princess and daughter of our future King.

A healing presence

With the planet Chiron, the planet of healing, having entered her 11th house Charlotte will be aware that others have been the cause of pain in her family. She may even know of the pain suffered by her dad and uncle due to the loss of her grandma, Diana. This awareness of how others impact on the lives of her family and herself is set to come more into her consciousness this year.

It will be of no surprise if she starts to ask questions like, ‘Daddy where is Uncle Harry?’ or, ‘Mummy why did aunty Meghan have to go away?’ or even, ‘Mummy I really want to see Archie.’.

These types of questions will be completely normal for Charlotte. With Pluto in her seventh house Charlotte likes to get to the bottom of things leaving no stone unturned, especially when it comes to relationships.

Charlotte the peacemaker

Charlotte was born with Moon in Libra in her fifth house. This makes her a peacemaker amongst her loved ones. She will always yearn to bring family members together. In the future, it will be of no surprise if she reaches out to her family across the sea and develops a wonderful relationship with her cousin Archie and his sister too.

With Moon in Libra, Charlotte carries the traits of the Libra sign. Librans are renowned for being kind and forgiving. They are diplomats and can bring harmony into the lives of others with their warm words and actions. Librans have a strong sense of justice too. Because of this It is likely that Charlotte will always make her peace and be loved by all.

Charlotte the daughter

According to astrology, the Sun always brings vitality and positivity into our lives. Kate’s Sun in Charlotte’s seventh house (which governs how we deal with relationships), tells us Charlotte will be positive towards others and has learnt this from her mum. The planet Venus demonstrates how we show love and the planet Mercury demonstrates how we communicate with others. The 8th house relates to the inherited traits of our elders and our ancestors. With Kate’s Venus and Mercury in Charlotte’s 8th house we can say that Charlotte has inherited mum’s skilled way of presenting herself. With both planets placed in Aquarius, we can safely guess that Charlotte will take on the philanthropic traits of her mum. She will also be free spirited. This is because both humanitarianism and independence are Aquarian traits. Charlotte will value her sense of self in all relationships. And as Aquarius is the trend setter of the Zodiac, she will be trendy and fashionable like mum.

Charlotte and her dad

Prince William’s Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Moon are all in Charlotte’s 12th house. The 12th house is related to the establishment and is also considered as the house of service. With the power of several planet’s placed here, Charlotte will always make her family and her country a priority. These are perfect placings for royalty and for a Princess.

Prince William’s planetary placings here show that both dad and daughter make a great team and both believe in committing to public endeavours. Her dad’s Chiron, the planet of healing and her natal Mars, the planet of action, join together showing that Charlotte will be motivated to listen to her dad and act; she will even stand up for her dad if she feels he is unhappy! Charlotte truly adores and loves her dad. With dad’s Sun and Moon in Cancer (which is the most protective of all signs), within the same house as Charlotte’s Mercury and Venus in Gemini, dad will have a grounding, protective influence on his daughter.

A loyal daughter

With both the planets of mum and dad (their collective Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Pluto), linking with Charlotte’s Libran moon, she will always feel a sense of inner peace; she will feel that she is supported and loved in every way. Equally both mum and dad are blessed to have Charlotte in their lives. She will support them well into their golden years.

Humour is Charlotte’s inner strength

Charlotte was born with Venus and Mercury in Gemini. Geminis are changeable and adapt to the moment. With the planet of love – Venus and Mercury, the planet of communication, placed in Gemini we will no doubt see elements of the cheekiness she has inherited from her grandfather, Prince Philip. More than anything this shows Charlotte’s inner strength. Her sense of humour will always present itself to her family and the world when her love and support is most needed.

We are all looking forward to hearing more about the tales of Charlotte - Happy birthday Princess!

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