Auspicious April New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries 12 April 2021 at 3:31am Uk time

This month’s new moon is auspicious. Yes, there are always challenges but that is not what astrology is about. Astrology is about making the most of the Universal planetary movements and moving forward in strength with knowledge and awareness.

Spring has sprung and Mother Gaia is coming into bloom. The moon is in Aries, the constellation of action. If you start new projects now, you’ll have the luck of the Universe on your side. You may even be catapulted to a new position at work. This could mean promotion or recognition for hard work.

With a lot of planets in Aries this is a time of expression. It’s a time to communicate your ideas and follow through your dreams and ambitions. A lot of people will gain clarity on the way ahead this month and will see the results of their efforts.

Jupiter and Saturn make positive trines with Mars. This tells us that hard work is likely to be rewarded with generosity.

The month of April is a month of karmic balance. You may experience setbacks or receive rewards, either way welcome what you receive as a blessing. It’s the Universe’s way of balancing life out for the greater good. If you find you have to make sacrifices with time and effort this month don’t worry you will reap rewards later in the year.

Love is everlasting under this new moon and those who form commitments or partnerships during this time will find that it is fruitful. Just remember that all partnerships must be a balance of give and take.

Happy New Moon Blessings!

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