29 April 2021 - Happy Anniversary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

29th April 2021 is an auspicious day. It is the day that our beloved Prince William married the incredibly graceful Catherine Middleton ten years ago. They married at 11am, Westminster Abbey, London in 2011 and she became his Duchess of Cambridge. These two royals hold centre stage for our future monarchy.

But behind the public image and also the fame, there is much more. Theirs is a true love story written in the stars.

They say that to be lucky in love your stars must match. In astrological terms this means, where the planets were positioned at the time of your birth (i.e., your birth chart) should mirror or complement the planetary positions of your soulmate at their time of birth. There is an entire study of astrology dedicated to this area of matchmaking and love compatibility. It is called astrological synastry.

Let’s look a little deeper at why these two special lovebirds are made for each other.

Set out below are their birth charts. A birth chart is a pictorial depiction of where the planets were positioned at the exact time you were born. The inner chart is that of Prince William and the outer chart is that of Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge.

The inner wheels are numbered from 1 to 12 – these are the houses and each represents a different aspect of life.

Twin flames

From looking at their charts it is blindingly obvious a lot of their planets are in the same or in a similar position. Their planets on the whole mirror each other. This demonstrates that they are similar and could be viewed as twin flames. A twin flame is an intense soul connection, sometimes called a "mirror soul," thought to be a person's other half.

When you get this kind of synchronicity couples tend to feel at home with each other, have similar interests and are also be able to apprehend each other’s thoughts.

A telling sign of this synchronicity is when you observe romantic glances between a couple. This tells us that they are both clearly aware of each other’s thoughts. Photographs of William and Kate have revealed this phenomenon several times. A captured moment with knowing glances and smiles, or laughter says, ‘I know what you’re thinking’ and it is reciprocated by, ‘I know what you’re thinking too!’ The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are twin flames.

The most remarkable aspect of planetary congruence between two people is that love tends to be everlasting and gets deeper as time progresses. Theirs is an everlasting romantic love. And as they hit their ten-year anniversary it is set to reach new heights.

How do they complement each other?

Where a moon is placed in your birth chart will determine how you love others and how you connect with them. Both William and Kate have the same moon placing! Both their moons were in the constellation of Cancer when they were born. This means that they will take on Cancerian traits when they demonstrate their love or show their feelings.

Cancerians tend to shine in healing professions. They are very protective over their loved ones and are deeply passionate. They are warm hearted, caring, and compassionate. They very rarely cause pain and if anything, they try to prevent it. This is because their empathy makes them more aware of other people’s sensitivities. Cancerians are also family orientated and deeply loyal. So, this royal couple have depth of emotion to boot!

What is more fascinating is that Kate’s natal Sun, Mercury, and Venus is positioned in Prince William’s first house. This means she supports the way he communicates; she agrees with his ideals and principles and, more importantly, makes him feel loved.

The fact they both share the same placing of their north node in the 7th house shows us that they approach relationships in a similar way. With their moons being so close to the north node it tells us these two have a love that is enduring and beyond the norm in terms of depth.

The power of their collective North Nodes in the 7th house tells me they were both born with an important purpose; to heal those around them and to bring a new approach to love and relationships for future generations.

Their collective North Nodes and Moons in Cancer makes them clear role models for the masses. This will pave the way to strengthen the bond between members of the Royal family. The clearest message of their combined charts is their staying power and their ability to bring people together which appears effortless.

The Public

Prince William and Kate are a force to be reckoned. They have an unshakeable bond. This is not just because of their twin flame connection but also because they have a formidable strong relationship. Nothing can phase this couple. This is because all three power planets are placed in their 9th house. The 9th house relates to ambitions, spirituality, and ideals. With Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in their 9th house they have clear ideals, strong Christian values, and distinct boundaries. They do not shy from hard work and like to get to the truth of all matters.

The public know where they stand with this royal couple. Prince William will make a strong, influential, compassionate monarch and Kate, although Queen Consort will be his equal in all ways.

Because of their compassion for the public, they will achieve great things to progress our country. The most significant impact will be in the arena of mental health issues and also, in the integrity and good reputation of Great Britain. Their natural love for each other makes them great ambassadors, peacemakers, and role models. Their love has a natural way of bringing people together.

If the country is facing difficulty, a visit or two to allies abroad will even out the balance of any struggle effortlessly.


When twin flames are in synch with each other they make great parents. The children know where they stand and they benefit from a loving homely environment. The children of Prince William and Kate are lucky; they will exude confidence, great showmanship, and courage.

The Future

As Prince William and his Duchess celebrate their tenth anniversary, they should be right fully proud of their achievements together. They have a stable home life. They are loving, supportive adults to their extended families. Both have achieved their true potential at a remarkably young age and have made great allies across the world. They really have much more to look forward too. And judging from their smiles and laughter their love grows from strength to strength!

Happy Anniversary to Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge! Long may you live!

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