19th May 2021 - Happy 3rd Anniversary Harry and Meghan!

An in - depth look into their relationship and also their future.

Harry – our Prince

I will always think of Harry as a Prince. No one can take away a birth right irrespective of titles and societal etiquette. Set out below is Harry’s birth chart and the position of the planets at the time he was born.

Harry’s life was written in the stars as soon as his mum imagined what kind of life he would lead. With three planets placed in Sagittarius, the constellation that governs freedom and wisdom, it is of no surprise that he has chosen to walk away from his royal ties to create a life which he believes is more authentic. The constellation of Sagittarius is all about truth and authenticity. Uranus and Mars in Sagittarius are both motivating planets; these two stars will have led him to follow through his convictions in a strong and assertive manner. Uranus is the planet of change and Mars is the planet of war and action. It’s the perfect placing for an army man and especially a Captain.

Uranus and Mars are in his 12th house, the home of service and sacrifice. Harry rose to the ranks in the army but now he is rising to another level in his life. He has decided to dedicate his life to his family and also to the causes which he and Meghan strongly support.

With the Sun in his 8th house, making beautiful links with the Moon and his north node in his 4th house it seems there is more than a sprinkling of Lady Diana magic going on in his life. The 8th house is related to our ancestors and inheritance and the Sun promises abundance and vitality. The 4th house is related to our home and our relationship with our mother or any maternal influence in our lives. Lady Diana has left him with a solid legacy which has helped him to provide a home that gives a sense of stability and security. This is what happens when the Sun, Moon and North node are positively linked in a birth chart. These placings provide the key to his general happiness. These planetary placings also demonstrate that home is truly where Harry’s heart lies; he has put his family’s needs at the heart of all his decisions.

The north node in his 4th house shows that he is searching for a life that depicts his mother’s home and her views. America and Meghan represent this to him. The moon placed in his 4th house tells us that Harry is a homely man who relishes nurturing and caring for his loved ones. As the sign Taurus is the ruler of his 4th house, he will ensure his home creates a warm atmosphere for anyone that visits. Taureans are renowned for being the perfect hosts and for having beautiful homes.

When Harry was born the planets Saturn and Pluto were in his 9th house, this is the house that governs our values and future goals. With these two powerful planets here, it demonstrates that Harry will have questioned his value systems from a young age and also forged his own way of seeing the world. Pluto removes all that is unnecessary and Saturn makes us work hard to understand what is needed and authentic. The energy of these two planets placings will have made him questioned everything. He will not have taken anything for granted, especially his own sense of security and his own sense of self.

What does the future bring for Harry? Let’s look at the stars at the moment and see how they affect him.

The inner circle depicts Harry’s planet positions when he was born. The outer circle is the position of the planets at present. The very same planets in Harry’s 9th house when he was born are transiting through his 1st house today. This means that all the aspirations, goals and values Harry developed as he was growing up are now reflected through who he has become today. During this transit people clearly see how he has changed and also the man he has become. With Jupiter leading the way in his first house you can guarantee that his actions are being led by God. Jupiter is considered to be the great teacher and the King of the Gods. Jupiter is setting the pace so that the masses benefit from Harry’s vision of humanity. Jupiter also makes us great leaders and role models; I see Harry conducting work in the public eye so that people learn and see a new authentic way of progressing their lives.

Jupiter is set to sweep through Harry’s life for the next twelve years leaving in its pathway great abundance, self-satisfaction, and happiness. Harry is literally fulfilling his life purpose through his vision of how life should be for others.

In the future he will be seen as an Icon and a leader of his time. Saturn and Pluto will make sure of it.


Below is Meghan’s chart. This shows where the planets were placed at the time she was born. The planetary aspects tell a great story.

Any child born in the early hours of the morning was born to be a leader. This is because the power of the planets are strongest at this time. Meghan has two planets in Leo and also, the North node in Leo in her first house. The first house reflects how others see you; Leo is a fire sign which always takes the lead. It represents grandeur, fame, and great courage.

When Meghan was born, she was given the gift of leadership. The Sun in Leo is likened to the number 8 card of Strength in the tarot. It provides the gifts of inner strength and resilience. And with Mercury in the first house there is no fear in communicating thoughts to others. Meghan commands a strong sense of self. People with these Leo placings in the first house can be theatrical, charismatic public speakers. These placing will have appealed to Harry’s Sagittarius placings as the fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius make great friends and allies.

The Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus in her 3rd house tell us she had all she needed in childhood to forge an amazing future. The third house is related to childhood. Jupiter provides higher learning and wisdom. Saturn pushes you to work hard. And the Moon gives feeling and voice to thought. With Venus present here she must also have had a sprinkling of an idyllic life in childhood. These placings tell us Meghan had an exceptional childhood where she was guided in a moral and ethical manner. She worked hard to put her heart and soul into whatever she did. Meghan voiced her opinions in a sensitive way as well.

With Uranus the planet which brings change and the unexpected in her 5th house which relates to affairs of the heart and her father, changes in this arena are to be expected. As a result, she will have found ingenious ways to manage this and it will have coloured her interactions with others. Yes, there have been dificulties as in anyone's life, but Meghan is the sort of person who can turn any hardship or struggle into good fortune. This is all because of her planetary placements in Leo and Libra. Libra gently steers and evens out any imbalance and Leo leads with a sense of fortitude and courage.

Therefore, Meghan is a diplomat; she has the fortitude to lead others with a velvet glove and an iron hand. She will always be fair and find the best solution to any problem. Her 1st and 5th house make beautiful links and this shows that she can make lemonade out of lemons time and time again. With her rising sign being Cancer, we can be sure that Meghan is protective, compassionate, and thoughtful towards others, just like the sign of Cancer.

What does the future bring for Meghan?

The inner wheel represents the planets when Meghan was born and the outer wheel is all about the transiting planets today.

Saturn and Pluto are moving through Meghan’s 7th house. This house governs our relationships with others. Saturn really does create struggles with others and tests our resolve in being the best we can be. Pluto removes what is no longer needed. I suspect that during these difficult transits Meghan will forge new more authentic friendships as well drift away from those who no longer fit in her life. When we go through such transits people show us their true colours and this has an impact on how we see our world. This will affect her vision of how she sees others. More than anything it will make her more aware of those she can trust and confide. This transit will create an arena for Meghan to be more discerning and also more selective about her friendships.

With Chiron in her 8th house making positive links to her planets in her 10th house, in particularly the north node, Meghan will see any loss as an asset to forging new pathways in her career. Chiron heals and teaches us powerful lessons, and the North node in her 10th house puts her on her true career path. Meghan will indeed make lemonade or even a golden elixir out of the lemons she has been given lately. This is all because her ancestral history has gifted her with the fortitude to charge ahead no matter what the obstacle.

Jupiter is moving through her 8th house and this tells us that Meghan stands to inherit a great deal this year. Opportunities and good fortune will simply land in her lap; this is a gift from the Universe for all the hard work of her ancestors. It is being realised in this lifetime by Meghan.

Harry and Meghan – the future

Today marks the third wedding anniversary of Meghan and Harry.

Set out below is the chart of Harry (inner circle) and Meghan (middle circle) with the third outer circle displaying the planetary transits today.

These two remarkable people have given up their respective extended families for their love and for the love of Archie.

The love which Meghan brings to her relationship with Harry is clear for everyone to see. The 8th house is to do with passion and as you can see, Meghan has four powerful planets, namely Jupiter, Saturn, Moon and Venus in Harry’s 8th house. This means that Harry will never stop loving Meghan. Meghan has staying power with her Saturn placed here. Saturn will work hard in a relationship and will make sure things evolve and develop. Jupiter and Venus are a positive combined force of love. They are generous, loving, benevolent planets. Meghan’s moon in Harry’s eight house speaks volumes. The moon is all to do with emotions and feelings so I have no doubt that Meghan will always be a supportive and thoughtful partner.

Chiron is a great teacher and healer and the fourth house is related to the home. With Harry’s north node linking with Meghan’s Chiron in his 4th house, Meghan will always be a healing influence for Harry. She is more than capable of showing Harry how to heal from the loss of his mother.

Furthermore, with Meghan’s Uranus, the planet of genius, in Harry’s 10th house, the house of career and ambition, she will find a remarkable, ingenious way to support Harry’s ambitions. Her connections with others will support Harry’s public persona too. Neptune in Harry’s 11th house confirms this. The 11th house is related to public persona and Neptune is the planet of creativity and stardom. Meghan’s influence on Harry will transform his life. He will shift from being a Prince to becoming a superhero in the eyes of the public, or the American Prince of Hearts as his mother would describe. The Prince’s popularity will soar.

The future

From looking at both the charts of Meghan and Harry I can conclude that they both bring a great deal to the table in their relationship. Meghan’s resilience and the fruits of her learning allow Harry to be himself. There is generosity of love, abundance, and healing from Meghan in their relationship.

Harry brings a firm foundation of values and also the legacy of his position which provides Meghan with the equal standing she so rightly deserves. Harry is a protective and supportive husband and this is something that Meghan needs. Collectively, their philanthropic ambitions and dreams will be given voice. They are authentic role models for this generation.

At present Harry is adjusting and learning about Meghan’s world. He is in the driving seat but still learning. He knows that he will have to alter himself to this new world. And as he does so, opportunities will flow into their lives. This will allow them both to really take advantage of the new changes their lives face. As Harry adapts and invests time in making these changes, he will be rewarded through the happiness of his family life, and also the strengthening of his relationship with Meghan.

In the same vein, Meghan is adjusting to being a new mum and is learning new ways to be so she can share the limelight with her partner. There is no doubt that both will regularly want to take a back seat so they can actively participate in Archie’s life.

Neptune is transiting Harry’s 2nd house. Neptune brings creative solutions and also good fortune. The second house is related to wealth and also assets. During this transit Harry will become wealthier than ever before. Mars in the 7th house makes positive links with Neptune in the 2nd house. Mars is the planet of action and also protection. The 7th house relates to partnerships and others in our lives. Harry is lucky that Meghan has many planets placed in Harry’s 7th house. In simple terms, this means those connected to Meghan will be providing their full support to Harry’s endeavours at this time. And as such these partnerships are well featured and become the source of a bountiful income.

Wishing Harry and Meghan a wonderful 3rd wedding anniversary. May their relationship go from strength to strength.

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