Mystic Neelam's story

Early years

Neelam was born clairsentient and clairvoyant. She would have visions of her ancestors sitting on the edge of her bed comforting her in times of change. The aroma of Sandalwood and Jasmine would come and go before a vision.

Growing up she was guided by her father's spirituality - the belief there is a higher Divine source and that all truths root from the Universe. In her childhood she developed a deep respect for animals and also nature. As she got older her interests extended to psychology – understanding and helping others has always been the source of her interests and also her work.

Psychic development - spanning over 30 years

Neelam's love of Astrology and the planets grew from childhood - she remembers looking up at the stars; the moon was of particular fascination in her teenage years. She studied Astrology in great detail and drew birth charts for family and friends. This opened the door to developing her knowledge of Numerology and Palmistry. Since then Neelam has developed the art of automatic writing - where she can channel written messages for clients and also channel messages from photographs and faces.

Talking to animals!

Neelam can communicate with animals. She once told a stranger in a bank that her dog was suffering from pains in the hind legs and that her dog needed hydrotherapy. This turned out to be true much to the amazement of the owner! As part of her readings, Neelam uses Oracle cards, Tarot and the Lenormand - fortune telling cards. She is adept at the Major Arcana and can transform anyone’s life into being the ‘Magician’ and living a ‘Ten of Cups’ life!

The Mystic

As time has progressed, she has become more aware of her Divine gifts. Connecting with ancestors and angel guides has led her to channel clear messages from loved ones in the spiritual realm; she is clairaudient. Her readings reveal she is being guided by a higher Divine source as she mentions information she could never have known.

Although Neelam has hidden her gifts for a long time, learning to accept her gifts has come more naturally after motherhood. Neelam became more psychically gifted at this time. She began to recognise Universal patterns unbeknown to most of us. Fourteen years ago she began working for a well-known Psychic company.

The realisation that she can help anyone with her spiritual gifts and her knowledge has led her to strike out on her own. She has been guided to call herself Mystic Neelam. She is thankful to the Universe, Ascendant Masters, angels, and ancestors that guide all of us. She is grateful for the gifts she has received and continues to be in awe of this wonderous Universe where miracles can happen every day.

Client care

Neelam has come across famous authors, lawyers, and also celebrities all of whom she has able to help. They remain anonymous till today. She takes the confidence and privacy of clients very seriously.

​In 2015, Neelam embarked on a journey of self-discovery, through meditation, yoga, and prayer. She knows the exact day she became enlightened - she received many spiritual truths through a magical vision from an Ascendant Master. She didn't realise these truths until she began to help her clients at a deeper level.  She found she was able to unlock any problem they presented and bring them peace.

​At the heart of her work, Neelam enjoys providing a high quality of service to each client. She feels honoured to help each client on their unique and diverse journey. She wants to help no matter what the situation. She is completely non-judgmental. Her belief in her clients is how the magic unfolds.