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Mystic Neelam

Discover the magic in your life

Neelam is a gifted psychic and coach, astrologer and numerologist who uses her mediumship to help you gain clarity and insight, untangling any obstacles or concerns that may be in your life. She is often able to give dates, times and names in all her readings, providing reassuring evidence that her and her Spirit Guides have a strong connection with you. Just like a secret fairy godmother, Neelam can bring positivity and magic into your life by unlocking your luck and your good fortune. She can help you to attract new love or get a deeper understanding of a current relationship.

Neelam has great empathy and compassion, providing a calm listening ear with insightful solutions that will uplift you. No matter what you discuss, she will always be non - judgemental and remain completely loyal and confidential.

Neelam has over 30 years experience as an astrologer/psychic medium. Her work has taken her to the NEC Birmingham and London Olympia. She has helped professionals, celebrities and royals too. Reently she was featured in Hello magazine for her take on the relationship between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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Neelam is professional and follows a strict ethical code in all her readings. She is a trusted friend and conducts all her readings in the strictest of confidence.

Please note readings are for entertainment purposes only and Neelam cannot be held responsible for any action taken as a result of the reading.


Neelam provides astrological charts and assessments that offer fascinating insights into people's lives. Her detailed analysis is professional and concise and presented in a way which those unfamiliar with astrological terms can understand. She is warm, caring, down-to-earth and discreet, qualities which all come across in her readings as an astrologer and a psychic medium.

Sally Morgan - Hello Magazine 2021


Client Testimonials

⭐Always aiming to do my best⭐

I had my reading with Neelam and my first interaction and the way she was able to relax me and calm me down was extraordinary. Neelam has a natural gift to help people understand what is going to happen, how it's going to happen and why it's going to happen. To exceed expectations Neelam was able to impart knowledge and preventative measures to help make life better. If anyone is sceptical about this I would be happy to share my experience and enlighten them on what they're are missing out on. In all honesty I wish I had done this sooner but as Neelam said everything happens for reason. I would encourage anyone thinking about having a reading to do so without delay as Neelam will be able to help you.

Dash Feb 21

I highly recommend Neelam. She was warm and empathic and made me feel comfortable straight away. I loved the psychic reading that I had and it was so accurate! It made so much sense to me that I went back to Neelam following my great experience and she provided me with an accurate astrological prediction that exactly described the shift that I was going through. I really like the unique way that Neelam blends her psychic and astrological gifts, making it a much more holistic reading and not something that I have experienced before. I felt safe with Neelam and I feel that she always wants the best for her clients which feels really important to me. Thank you Neelam for your faith, hope and support!

Rina - August 2020

Neelam is very intuitive and spot on with her predictions.Being my first time using her and her knowing nothing about me; I was impressed with her accuracy. The time with her flys by as she is so natural & just lets her intuition take over. Using Zoom from Australia was fine.
Ashley - Sydney, Australia

 Ashley - April 2021

The minute that I met Neelam, I felt as if I could trust her with my most personal concerns. It is not natural to open one’s life up to a stranger, but her beautiful light and honesty brought my deepest thoughts straight to the fore!  Neelam’s wisdom and ability to understand scenarios is profound. I find our conversations to be enlightening, calming and empowering. I cannot recommend her work highly enough!

Jane  April 2021

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